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5 Steps to Funding

Be sure you understand what can be funded.  Funders do not usually fund the day-to-day activities of your organisation, though they may contribute to the organisational overheads involved in running a project. Be sure you know what is meant by a project.  A project is a piece of work that is additional to the everyday work of your organisation. If your project involves extra staff or costs your grant may cover them; or if you are looking to fund a new project, or set up a new organisation, start-up costs, including staff and other core running costs, they will be
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Funding Update

Voluntary Action Fund Funding Strand 1 – Care and Wellbeing.  Improving the quality of life for those affected by physical and/or mental health issues and their carers.  If you or someone you know is a carer or has a mental or physical disability then click the link above for more information. The Hospital Saturday Fund  The Fund provides assistance for: individuals with a medical condition or disability who would benefit from assistance with the purchase of specialised equipment or from particular forms of treatment; or registered health charities such as hospitals, hospices and medical organisations which are in
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